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Continental Drift (Grade 8)

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Continental Drift

Wegener believed that the continents used to be one landmass.
  1. True
  2. False
Wegener's theory of continental drift was not accepted immediately by other scientists because
  1. the fossil evidence was unreliable.
  2. Wegener could not describe how the continents separated.
  3. Wegener only had evidence from the southern continents.
  4. the rock sequences were incomplete.
A lack of explanation for continental drift prevented many scientists from accepting that a single continent called                 once existed.
  1. Glomar
  2. Wegener
  3. Pangaea
  4. Glossopteris
The presence of the same                  on different continents is evidence for continental drift.
  1. fossils
  2. wind systems
  3. river systems
  4. weather patterns
Why did Wegener think that continental drift could be used to explain rock scarring in South America, India, and Australia?
  1. Volcanoes moved the seafloor
  2. Glaciers caused the scarring
  3. Earthquakes scarred rocks
  4. Hess proposed this theory
Continental drift is the theory that continents drift
  1. quickly together.
  2. slowly together.
  3. slowly to their current positions.
  4. to form the new continent Pandora.
Alfred Wegener hypothesized that Pangaea began to break apart about                years ago.
  1. 180 million
  2. 135 million
  3. 65 million
  4. 25 million
The theory of continental drift
  1. was based on the distribution of rock types, fossils and structures.
  2. was accepted by most geologist during Wegener's lifetime.
  3. was based on oceanic fossils and basalt.
  4. suggested that the original land forms were large islands.
Which is evidence that the continents were once part of a single landmass?
  1. fossils
  2. coal found in cold climates
  3. similar rock formations on facing edges of continents
  4. all of these
The fact that South America and Africa were once joined is                          for Pangaea.
  1. rock layer evidence
  2. fossil evidence
  3. puzzle piece evidence
  4. mineral deposit evidence
Glossopteris and Mesosaurus would be examples of this type of Pangaea supportive evidence.
  1. rock layer record
  2. puzzle piece record
  3. fossil record
  4. mineral deposit record
Which two continents were used as evidence for the continental puzzle?
  1. North America and Africa
  2. South America and Asia
  3. South America and North America
  4. South America and Africa
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