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Roaring 20's in the U.S. (Grade 4)

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Roaring 20's in the U.S.

After the end of WWI, there were several new things that helped change American culture and bring in the Roaring Twenties. Name 2 of these big changes.

Many people started buying "consumer goods" like vacuum cleaners, toasters, and washing machines during the 1920's because they had electricity in their homes and these new inventions were affordable because they were mass produced.
  1. True
  2. False
The curling iron was the most sought after consumer good in the 1920's.
  1. True
  2. False
What was Henry Ford most famous for?
  1. Designing the first corvette race car.
  2. Inventing the tires to be used on early model cars.
  3. Inventing safety features to put into military vehicles to help protect soldiers.
  4. Developing the assembly line to mass produce automobiles.
Louis Armstrong and Duke Ellington were both famous jazz musicians.
  1. True
  2. False
Ella Fitzgerald was known for her extraordinary violin playing.
  1. True
  2. False
Charles Lindbergh was famous for being the first person to do what?
  1. Break the sound barrier in a jet.
  2. Fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean.
  3. Take a boat up the entire Amazon River.
  4. Reach the North Pole.
List 1 fact about Langston Hughes.

What was Josephine Baker famous for?
  1. Running a speakeasy.
  2. Being a bootlegger.
  3. Marrying a President.
  4. Singing and dancing.
What was the Great Migration?

List 3 things that distinguished women who were "flappers" from more traditional women in the 1920's.

The 18th Amendment to the Constitution created                                           , which made                              illegal in the United States.
What was a "speakeasy"?
  1. A safe place to go for dinner.
  2. A bar that sold illegal alcohol.
  3. A place for people who had lost their voices.
  4. A library where you could only talk quietly.
List 2 facts about Carry Nation.

What was a "bootlegger"?

List 2 facts about Al Capone.

What is stock?
  1. Fines for selling illegal alcohol.
  2. A new kind of music that came out during the Roaring 20's.
  3. A share of a large company.
  4. Where criminals are sent.
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