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Life in the Colonies (Grade 8)

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Life in the Colonies

The first permanent English settlement in North America, founded in 1607.
  1. Plymouth Colony
  2. Jamestown
  3. Hudson Bay
Public education was MOST encouraged by which of the following colonies:
  1. Massachusetts
  2. Virginia
  3. Georgia
  4. New York
  5. Maryland
What does cavalry means?
  1. Reason, careful thought
  2. To keep or observe
  3. A three-cornered hat
  4. Units of troops on horseback
The colonies offered the right to vote to:
  1. Native Americans
  2. African Americans
  3. White male property owners
  4. Any colonist born in England
I was the first colonial poet.
  1. Anne Bradstreet
  2. John Locke
  3. Mary Cooper
  4. Baron de Montesquieu
Publisher of the New York Weekly Journal arrested for printing a series of articles that criticized the governor:
  1. Jemmy Angolan
  2. Andrew Hamilton
  3. Ben Franklin
  4. John Peter Zenger
The beginning of public schools in America:
  1. Memphis laws
  2. Massachusetts laws
  3. Manchester laws
  4. Murphy's laws
Slave                 gave masters more control over enslaved Africans.
  1. Rules
  2. Manifesto
  3. Codes
  4. Commands
                is a special dialect that was created on the west coast of Africa during slave times.
  1. Kunta
  2. Banjo
  3. Gullah
  4. Mutombo
Place the number of the colony in its proper location on the map.

(1) Virginia (2) Massachusetts (3) New Hampshire (4) Maryland
(5) Connecticut (6) Rhode Island (7) Delaware (8) North Carolina
(9) South Carolina (10) New Jersey (11) New York (12) Pennsylvania
(13) Georgia
Thirteen Colonies - No Labels

People from Britain and America were attracted to British Columbia because:
  1. Free land
  2. Railway work
  3. Gold mining
  4. Inter-colonial trade
The Southern Colonies were made up of:

The Middle Colonies were made up of:

The New England Colonies were made up of:

Triangular Trade was a name given to trading routes with Europe, Africa and the Americas.
  1. True
  2. False
Pocahontas helped Jamestown to survive by
  1. bringing peace between the colonists and her people.
  2. showing the colonists how to raise tobacco.
  3. telling the colonists how to raise tobacco.
  4. teaching the colonists how to hunt and fish for food
The Native Americans viewed themselves as part of the community of plants, animals and other natural objects.They did not waste anything from nature.
  1. True
  2. False
Farming helped the early Americans to create                , or ways of life.
  1. traditions
  2. values
  3. beliefs
  4. cultures
What did the people do when the large game disappears?
  1. Fish and Farm
  2. Hunt small animals and plants
  3. Hunt small animals, fish, and/or farm
  4. starve and die
What did the people do when the environment changed?
  1. Move to another place
  2. Adapt or change their style of living
  3. Died from disease and starvation
  4. Move and change their life
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