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Age of Exploration (Grade 6)

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Age of Exploration

Prince Henry the Navigator, was responsible for advances that would make exploration more successful. What were two of his greatest contributions?
  1. He founded a school of navigation.
  2. He paid for expeditions to explore the west coast of Africa.
  3. He taught sailors how to cook.
  4. He was a prince.
I founded the city of Quebec.
  1. Vespucci
  2. Cabot
  3. Champlain
  4. Cartier
These sailors were the first to circumnavigate the world.
  1. Christopher Columbus's crew
  2. Amerigo Vespucci's crew
  3. John Cabot's crew
  4. Ferdinand Magellan's crew
A                      is a navigational instrument for finding directions.
Which explorer conquered the Inca Indians?
  1. John Cabot
  2. Francisco Pizarro
  3. Hernando Cortes
  4. Ferdinand Magellan
The Age that is known for creativity, the birth of music and the art movement is the:
  1. Middle Age
  2. Stone Age
  3. Renaissance
  4. Information Age
During the 1500's, Spanish conquistadors conquered Mexico and most of
  1. North America
  2. Louisiana
  3. South America.
  4. Canada
Which European explorer conquered the Aztec Indians?
  1. John Cabot
  2. Ferdinand Magellan
  3. Francisco Pizarro
  4. Hernando Cortes
The time of European exploration of North America, South America, Asia, and Africa from 1450-1750 is called                       .
  1. Columbus time
  2. The Age of Rebirth
  3. The Age of Exploration
  4. The Bubonic Plague
This explorer grew up in Italy, but was funded by Spain.
  1. Christopher Columbus
  2. Juan Ponce de Leon
  3. Jacques Cartier
  4. Vasco Nunez de Balboa
What thing brought by the Spanish conquistadors killed thousands of Aztec and Inca people?
  1. Lions
  2. Cannon balls
  3. Sling shots
  4. Diseases
What is the name of the route that connected China to the rest of the world through trade and the spread of ideology?
  1. Great Wall of China
  2. Caravan
  3. Silk Road
  4. Hindu Kush pass
Who lead the first Spanish expedition to the Pacific Ocean?
  1. Vasco Núñez de Balboa
  2. Ponce de Leon
  3. Henry Hudson
  4. Marco Polo
Which explorer increased the Europeans' interest in Asia and its culture?
  1. Christopher Columbus
  2. Hernan Cortez
  3. Marco Polo
  4. Henry Hudson
The ______________________________ helped sailors figure out where they were by using the positions of stars in the sky.

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