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Dolphins Have Feelings, Too! (Grade 1)

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Dolphins Have Feelings, Too!

Did you know that dolphins have feelings? Like humans, dolphins can feel happy and sad. If a dolphin dies, the other dolphins become very sad. They stop and say goodbye to their friend. Then they swim away.

Dolphins show other emotions too. When dolphins do something good, they squeak. They celebrate reaching a goal. They also look forward to the reward. Dolphins are good problem-solvers. They try many different ways to solve problems. They also imitate. This means they copy the actions of each other and humans.

In the wild, dolphins are also extremely happy. They are also playful. They like to blow water and jump around. They play chase and have other fun out in the water. Some dolphins will race beside boats they see pass by. Sometimes they will even come up to say hello.
Dolphins have feelings just like humans.
  1. True
  2. False
What do dolphins do when they reach a goal?
  1. Smile
  2. Squeak
  3. Laugh
  4. Cry
What does the word IMITATE mean in the passage?
  1. to jump around
  2. to feel sad
  3. to copy someone
  4. to be playful
What is an example of dolphins being playful?
  1. They mimic
  2. They squeak
  3. They blow water
  4. They swim underwater
Which is NOT something dolphins are likely to do?
  1. Be mean and attack a boat
  2. Be sad and say goodbye to a friend
  3. Be creative and solve a problem
  4. Be happy and jump around

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