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The Kitchen Encyclopedia (Grade 2)

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The Kitchen Encyclopedia

Baking-Day Helps 7
Beef à la Mode, 24
Beef Cannelon, 22
Beef Loaf, 26
Beefsteak Pie, 28
Boiled Beef, 25
Braised Beef, 28
Brown Beef Stew 29
Butter Scotch 6
Cookies, 6
Cornbread, 4
Corn Pudding, 27
Cream Horseradish Sauce 24
Curry Balls, 27
Dumplings, 29
English Walnut Pudding, 5
Fireless Cooker, The Practical Value and Use of, 15-21
Ginger Bread, 6
House-Cleaning Hints, 9
House-Plant Suggestions, 11
How to Use the Cheaper Cuts of Meat, 12-14
Illustration showing Standard Cuts of Beef, 14
This passage is an example of...
  1. A glossary
  2. An index
  3. An instruction manual
  4. A dictionary
What do the numbers most likely represent?
  1. Number of recipes
  2. Number of words
  3. Page numbers
  4. Recipe numbers
How is this passage organized?
  1. By page number
  2. In alphabetical order
  3. By popularity
  4. In a random order
On what page will you find cornbread?
  1. 4
  2. 28
  3. 25
  4. 7
Which of the following is on the same page as oatmeal crackers?
  1. Penoche
  2. Lemon Pie
  3. English Walnut Pudding
  4. Both a and c

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