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Pastry, Pies, and Tarts (Grade 3)

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Pastry, Pies, and Tarts


Use the very best materials in making pastry. The shortening should be fresh, sweet and hard. The water should be cold (ice-water is best). When the crust is made, it will be more flaky and puffy if covered and put in a cool place to rest for 30 minutes to an hour.

Pie crust can be improved by adding a heaping teaspoonful of baking powder to the flour. Also brush puff pastry with butter and the white of an egg to make it rise in leaves or flakes. This is what makes puff pastry beautiful.

If currants are to be used in pies, they should be carefully picked over. Wash them several times and dry in a towel. Cover them with flour before they are suitable for use.

Raisins, and all dried fruits for pies and cakes, should be seeded and dipped in flour before using.

Almonds should be blanched by pouring boiling water upon them and then slipping the skin off with the fingers. Always add a little rose-water when pounding them. This will prevent them from becoming oily.

Careful attention is required when heating an oven for baking pastry. If you can hold your hand in the heated oven while you count twenty, the oven has just the proper temperature. It should be kept at this temperature as long as the pastry is in. This heat will make the pastry a light brown color and will give it a fresh and flaky appearance.

Another good way to tell when the oven is heated to the proper degree for puff paste: put a small piece of the paste in before baking the whole. Once it bakes, you can tell if the oven is hot enough.

Pie crust can be kept a week. And it will better if put in a tightly covered dish and set in a cool place in the summer or winter. Then you can make fresh pie every day.
Why should you add rose-water to almonds?
  1. To enhance their flavor
  2. To dry them out
  3. To help prevent oil
  4. To make them easier to crush
Who would most likely use this passage?
  1. A scientist
  2. A baker
  3. A child
  4. A teacher
To make the best pie crust, make it ahead of time and let it sit on the counter for a week.
  1. True
  2. False
Why does the passage suggest holding your hand in the oven?
  1. To check if it is on
  2. To judge its temperature
  3. To warm the pie crust
  4. To bake the puff pastry
In the passage, currants are treated most like...
  1. almonds
  2. raisins
  3. butter
  4. puff pastry

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