Baseball (Grade 3)

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Did you know that baseball is the national game of America?

This bat and ball game is played by eighteen people. Nine people are on a side. The positions are pitcher, catcher, first base, second base, third base, shortstop, right-field, left-field, and center-field. The first six positions are part of the infield. The last three are part of the outfield.

The diamond or field where the game is played is a square plot of ground. Its sides are ninety feet long. At each corner are bases called first, second, third and home plate. A game consists of nine innings. In each inning, both teams take turns hitting the ball. They try to score runs. The players take turns batting. They use baseball bats that are usually made of ash. The goal is to reach bases without being tagged out by the other team.

The pitcher attempts to pitch the ball over the home plate to the catcher. The batter tries to hit it. If the batter hits the ball and it is caught by the other team, or if it reaches the base the batter is headed for before he gets there, he is "out." Otherwise he is "safe". A safe batter will try to make the next base. If he rounds all four bases without getting out, he scores a run for his team.

When a player rounds all the bases without being forced to stop he makes a "home run." A hit which gains him a single base only is called a "base hit." Similarly if he reaches second base it is a "two-bagger" or double. Reaching third base is called a "three-bagger" or triple.

If the player fails to hit the ball, it can either be ruled a ball or a strike. A strike means the ball was thrown in the zone needed for the batter to hit it, but was simply missed. A ball means the ball was thrown in an area outside the possibility for being hit. Four balls result in the player being "walked", whereas three strikes result in an out.

After three players on a team are called out, the other team gets to come up to bat. At the end of nine innings, the team with the most runs wins.
Which word best represents the meaning of the word ASH as used in the passage?
  1. powder left after something burns
  2. material emitted by a volcano
  3. a hard pale wood found in temperate regions
  4. an old English letter
Which ways describe how a player can get out?
  1. By earning three strikes
  2. By having a hit caught before it hits the ground
  3. By having the base tagged before reaching it
  4. All of the above
The names of the plays made while batting are determined by...
  1. the number of bases reached
  2. the number of swings taken
  3. the number of players used
  4. the number of minutes passed
Which shape BEST describes the shape of the baseball field?
  1. Equilateral Triangle v2
  2. Square
  3. Pentagon
  4. Square Rotated
Using details in the passage, draw a picture of the baseball field and label the parts. Highlight the details in the passage that give you this information.

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