This test features questions modeled after PARCC Grade 5 Mathematics items. Use Test Room to administer these tests for computer-based assessment practice.

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PARCC Math Practice (Grade 5)

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PARCC Math Practice

Parker's rectangular family room has an area of 255 square feet. The room is 15 feet wide.
Write an equation that represents the length of the room. In your equation, let [math]l[/math] equal the length of the room. Then solve your equation.

Enter your equation and your solution in the space provided.

Parker is putting down 135 square feet of carpet on one side of the room and wood flooring in the rest of the room.

One square foot of carpet costs $4. One square foot of wood flooring costs $7.

Write an expression that represents the total cost of the carpet and the wood flooring.

Explain how you determined your expression.

Enter your expression and your explanation in the space provided.

Use your expression from above to find the total cost, in dollars, of the carpet and wood flooring.

Enter your answer in the space provided.

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