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PARCC Math Practice (Grade 5)

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PARCC Math Practice

Marcie is ordering eggs for her bakery. She knows these facts:

[math]*[/math]She needs enough eggs for 4 days.
[math]*[/math]She will be baking 20 cakes, 16 batches of cookies, and 2 sheets of brownies each day.
[math]*[/math]One carton holds 12 eggs.

The table shows the number of eggs needed to bake each cake, batch of cookies, and sheet of brownies.
Baked Item
Batch of Cookies8
Sheet of Brownies6

What is the FEWEST number of cartoons of eggs Marcie will need to order to have enough eggs to bake 4 days' worth of cakes, batches or cookies, and sheets of brownies? Show your work or explain how you found your answer using equations.

Enter your answer and your work or explanation in the space provided.

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