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Spring Vocabulary (Grade 5)

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Spring Vocabulary

Which word means to open up or turn into a flower?
  1. forget
  2. adjust
  3. bloom
  4. arrive
What do we call the green in the leaf?
  1. chlorophyll
  2. bloom
  3. color
  4. photosynthesis
The reproductive structure of a flowering plant is the
  1. root.
  2. stem.
  3. flower.
  4. leaf.
  1. means equal night.
  2. happens when the noon Sun is directly over the equator.
  3. is when all of Earth has 12 hours of day and 12 hours of night.
  4. all of the above
Having a pleasant smell:
  1. fragrant
  2. heroic
  3. fatigue
  4. sensitive
A pleasant odor; fragrance:
  1. various
  2. artificial
  3. simultaneous
  4. aroma
  1. the coldest season
  2. the season of new life
  3. the hottest season
  4. the season of death
The flowers were                 in the spring sunshine.
  1. recognizing
  2. dying
  3. kneading
  4. sprouting
Spring and all its blossoms are                , here but a moment, and then gone.
  1. fleeting
  2. beautiful
  3. lasting
  4. fascinating
Soil that is                      is capable of growing a lot of plants.
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