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Easter Informational Passage (Grade 2)

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Easter Informational Passage

Every year since 1878, the White House has held an Easter Egg Roll on the South Lawn of the White House. This annual event hosts nearly 40,000 people each year and features a lot of fun Easter-related events for kids. While free and open to the public, you have to be quick on your feet and a little bit lucky to get a ticket to this special event. About a month before the egg roll, the White House opens up a lottery. For a week, people can sign up for a chance to attend the egg roll. Names are then drawn at random and the lucky winners are the only ones who get to attend on the special day.

While hunting for eggs on the grounds of the White House is special enough, the real prize of the White House Egg Roll is the eggs. Many of the eggs children hunt for are wooden. In 1981, First Lady Nancy Reagan had children hunt for wooden eggs that included signatures from famous actors and actresses. That inspired a new tradition. Every year, the White House creates 4-5 special designs for the eggs used in the egg roll. They feature the signatures of the President and First Lady and other fun designs. Of course, if you can't make it to the egg hunt, you can always buy the eggs from the National Park Foundation.
How do you get a ticket to the Easter Egg Roll?
  1. You buy a ticket.
  2. You enter a lottery.
  3. You write a letter to ask for one.
  4. You find one hidden in an Easter egg.
Based on the passage, what is a lottery?
  1. A contest in which you can win a lot of money
  2. A drawing to earn a ticket or an entry into an event
  3. An order from Congress declaring a holiday
  4. A special event at the White House
What type of eggs do children hunt for?
  1. plastic
  2. hard-boiled
  3. wooden
  4. duck
Where is the Easter Egg Roll held?
  1. At the White House
  2. At the U.S. Capitol
  3. At a local park
  4. At a secret location
Why is the Easter Egg Roll so special?

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