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Easter Grammar (Grade 4)

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Easter Grammar

Correct the following sentence.

we hide eggs for easter

Punctuate the sentence correctly:

Where do we hide the Easter eggs          
Choose the word that should be capitalized.

The Christian holy day Easter occurs around the same time as the Jewish celebration of passover.
  1. day
  2. celebration
  3. passover
  4. holy
Choose the correct form of the verb to fill in the blank.

We                 eggs on Easter morning.
  1. gathers
  2. gather
  3. gathering
  4. to gather
Identify the verbs in the following sentence.

My mom cooks a big ham and mashes a bag of potatoes for Easter dinner.

Which word correctly fits in the blank?

We waited until Easter morning to                 our Easter eggs.
  1. dyed
  2. died
  3. die
  4. dye
Correctly capitalize and punctuate the following sentence.

My Grandma baked her special easter dish called Easter surprise!

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