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Easter Grammar Passages (Grade 4)

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Easter Grammar Passages

Find and correct the errors in the following passage related to Easter.

On easter, you may notice that some people display a special plant with a trumpetshaped flower. This plant is called an Easter lillly and it has became a popular Easter flower.

During World War I, a soldier named Louis Houghton bring back light bulbs from Japan. He gave the bulbs to his friends and family who lived on the COAST of Oregon. They plant them and soon lilies began to grow. The bulbs was distributed up and down the West Coast and by 1945 there were over 1,000 growers on the West Coast. They harvested and sold their bulbs to give to others interested in growing Easter lilies too. Today, you can only bye Easter lilies in stores for about too weeks every year, but when they our available they sell out.

Find and correct the errors in the following passage related to Easter.

Why have Easter lilies became so popular? The white flours symbolize purity, live, and hope, which are some of the same traits people celebrate at Easter. Those who celebrate Easter as a religios holiday like lilies because Christ used them as an example in the Sermon on the mount and white lilies was found in the Garden of Gesthemane after Christ died on the cross. The lilies help symbolize the hope in Christ's resurrection.

For others, the white lilllies are simply a sine that Spring was coming.

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