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Sneezing (Grade 3)

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When you feel a sneeze coming on, it is hard to stop it. Sometimes you sneeze because you have a cold. Sometimes you sneeze because of allergies. Sometimes you sneeze for seemingly no reason at all.

You sneeze because your nerves are telling your nose that something is in it. It could be mucus, it could be dust, it could be that air hit your nose the wrong way. When you have a cold, it may be bacteria or viruses in the mucus in your nose. Your nerves help your body use sneezes to get them out.

The general goal of a sneeze is just to get what's in your nose out without letting it get to the rest of your body. When you sneeze, you may notice that your eyes close tight. The rest of your head may feel tight too. This is because your brain tells your eyes, mouth, and throat to close. It creates a tightness that helps force whatever is in your nose out. When you do sneeze, it comes out at around 100 miles per hour.

While it seems nearly impossible to stop a sneeze, there is a way to try to stop it. Just pinch your nose and breathe through the end of your mouth. This will help alleviate the pressure and help stop the sneeze. Chances are once you let go of your nose and close your mouth, the sneeze will come right back.

Do not worry though. The rumors about sneezing are not true. When you sneeze your heart does not stop. If you can keep your eyes open when you sneeze, they will not pop out of your head. Sneezing is a natural and safe process that your body uses to stay healthy.
Starting the passage with ACHOO! is an example of...
  1. onomatopoeia
  2. imagery
  3. metaphor
  4. personification
What is the main reason you sneeze?
  1. to show you have a cold in your nose
  2. to force things out of your nose
  3. to stop an itch in your nose
  4. to build mucus in your nose
What part of your body tells you that you need to sneeze?
  1. your nose
  2. your nerves
  3. your mouth
  4. your brain
Why do your eyes shut tight when you sneeze?
  1. to help create pressure
  2. to protect your eyes
  3. to control the speed of the sneeze
  4. to keep you feeling calm
Why does the author include the last paragraph?
  1. to share how fast a sneeze travels
  2. to describe how you sneeze
  3. to explain why you sneeze
  4. to clear up rumors about sneezing
Which is not a rumor about sneezing that the author clears up?
  1. When you sneeze, your heart stops.
  2. You cannot keep your eyes open while you sneeze.
  3. Your eyes can pop out of your head if you sneeze with them open.
  4. When you sneeze, they come in threes.

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