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Crepes (Grade 3)

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In France, instead of eating pancakes, many people eat crepes.

What is a crepe?

A crepe is a thin pancake. It is cooked in a hot, greased pan like a pancake, but when it is cooking, it usually takes up the whole pan. To make a crepe, a chef pours batter in the pan and tilts the pan so it is completely coated with batter. The batter must be very thin and the pan must be the right temperature, otherwise the crepe will not cook properly.

Once cooked, crepes are not usually served with butter and syrup like pancakes. Instead, crepes are usually filled and folded. Crepes can be filled with all different kinds of fillings.

Some crepes are savory. This means they are filled with meats, vegetables, eggs, and cheeses. For example, a savory crepe may be filled with ham and cheese or with chicken and spinach. People eat savory crepes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Some crepes are sweet. This means they are filled with fruit, whipped cream, cream cheese, and other delicious fillings. For example, a popular sweet crepe is filled with hazelnut spread and marshmallows. Others may fill sweet crepes with strawberries and whipped cream. They are usually topped with powdered sugar. People eat sweet crepes for breakfast, but they also make a great snack or dessert.

In France, there are restaurants that make a serve crepes all day long. They are called creperies. Crepes have become so popular, however, that they are not only served in France. Creperies exist in countries all over Europe and even in America.
How is a crepe different from a pancake?
  1. It is thinner.
  2. It is thicker.
  3. It is rounder.
  4. It is sweeter.
What happens if the pan is not at the right temperature?
  1. The crepe burns.
  2. The crepe doesn't cook properly.
  3. The crepe breaks.
  4. The crepe becomes a pancake.
Which choice best describes the word savory as it is used in the passage?
  1. not sweet
  2. designed for breakfast
  3. gourmet
  4. very salty
You can only get a crepe in France.
  1. True
  2. False
What is a creperie?
  1. a restaurant that serves crepes
  2. a store where you buy crepe ingredients
  3. a chef known for making crepes
  4. a special type of savory crepe
When is the best time to eat crepes?
  1. breakfast
  2. lunch
  3. dinner
  4. any meal

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