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Lemurs (Grade 3)

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If you're asked to name an animal from Madagascar, one of the first animals that might come to mind is the lemur. Lemurs are part of the primate family, but they're also the most endangered primate in the world.

What has caused them to become endangered?

Tearing down the rainforests has hurt some lemurs, but it is not the only reason they are endangered. Another reason lemurs are endangered are because people like to keep them as pets. In Madagascar, having a lemur as a pet is illegal. Having a lemur as a pet is also illegal internationally. However, many people keep lemurs as pets anyway.

Why do people keep lemurs as pets?

Lemurs are cute. They have long tails and furry ears. Movies such as the Madagascar series have made lemurs look even more exciting. They are playful animals that like to climb and jump. They also can learn to love their human owners and be very helpful and friendly.

Even if they seem like good pets, lemurs are wild animals. When people keep lemurs as pets, the make it hard for the lemur population to grow. Not all lemurs are nice either. Some can become very aggressive, or mean. Life is also not as fun for lemurs when they are kept for pets.

Some people feel like they can help lemurs by keeping them as pets. However, there are other ways to help lemurs. Instead of keeping a lemur as a pet, help to save the rainforest or raise money for research to help improve the lemur population. Lemurs may be cute, but they do not make the best pets.
What is the meaning of the word aggressive in the passage?
  1. active
  2. friendly
  3. tired
  4. mean
Which word is a synonym for the word illegal in the passage?
  1. okay
  2. forbidden
  3. allowed
  4. acceptable
Why do people keep lemurs as pets?
  1. Lemurs are easy to capture.
  2. Lemurs are very helpful.
  3. Lemurs are cute.
  4. Lemurs are illegal.
Most lemurs like being kept as pets.
  1. True
  2. False
Would the author be okay with someone keeping a lemur for a pet?
  1. Yes
  2. No
What would the author most likely say to someone keeping a lemur as a pet?
  1. "You're hurting the lemur population and breaking the law. Don't keep lemurs as pets."
  2. "Your lemur is so cute. I hope it's really happy with you."
  3. "Lemurs belong in the wild. It's okay to have one, but don't have anymore."
  4. "How did you get your lemur? I'd like to have one as a pet too."

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