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Bigfoot (Grade 1)

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Some people call him Bigfoot. Some people call him Sasquatch. Many people claim they have spotted him, but no one knows for sure if he is real.

So who or what is this mysterious Bigfoot?

Bigfoot is a tall, hairy creature. He is 6-10 feet tall. He weighs up to 500 pounds and sort of looks like an ape. Many people think he lives in forests or mountains around the world. He is an omnivore. That means he eats both plants and animals.

Even though he is big, he does not eat people. However, he may try to scare people away from his home. Bigfoot may throw rocks to scare people away. He wants to protect his home and family. Of course, no one has ever seen him to know if this is true.

In the 1950s, a construction worker saw a large footprint on his construction site. He said the foot must have come from a creature named Bigfoot. That's how Bigfoot got its name. However, in other places Bigfoot is called Sasquatch. Some countries call him a Yeti.

People around the world have searched for Bigfoot. Some have even taken pictures. However, the pictures are usually blurry. They do not prove that Bigfoot exists. Maybe he does, maybe he doesn't. We'll probably never know.
Bigfoot is real.
  1. True
  2. False
What is another name for Bigfoot?
  1. Hairy man
  2. Monkenator
  3. Ape monster
  4. Sasquatch
Which reason best explains why pictures of Bigfoot don't prove he exists?
  1. No one knows what Bigfoot looks like.
  2. The pictures of Bigfoot are blurry.
  3. People have taken fake pictures of Bigfoot.
  4. No one has any pictures of Bigfoot.
How did Bigfoot get his name?
  1. From his large shoes found in the woods
  2. From a construction worker who saw big footprints
  3. From a camper who heard big stomping feet
  4. From the story a writer made up about him
People should be afraid because Bigfoot will eat them.
  1. True
  2. False
If Bigfoot does exist, which choice best explains why he is hard to find?
  1. He is very tall.
  2. He has large footprints.
  3. He lives in forests and on mountains.
  4. He eats plants and animals.
Which definition best fits the word mysterious as it is used in the passage?
  1. Scary or worrisome
  2. Hard to see or explain
  3. Very weird or unusual
  4. Fake or made-up

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