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PARCC Short Practice (Grade 6)

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PARCC Short Practice

Riley babysits for Marcus and she also babysits for Kelly. The table shows the number of hours Riley babysat for Marcus over a period of three months.
Babysitting Marcus

[math]*[/math]Riley expects the number of hours she will babysit Marcus to continue to increase in July.
[math]*[/math]Riley also expects that the ratio of the hours she babysits for Marcus to the hours she babysits for Kelly to be about [math]2:1[/math].
[math]*[/math]Riley earns an average babysitting fee of $6.00 per hour when babysitting for Marcus or Kelly.

Estimate Riley's total earnings, in dollars, for babysitting in July. Show all your work. Explain how you determined your estimate.

Enter your estimate, your work, and your explanation in the space provided.

A florist is creating two flower bouquets that each have exactly 24 flowers. One bouquet will include lilies and carnations. The other bouquet will include roses and carnations.

[math]*[/math]The first bouquet will have 2 lilies for every 6 flowers.
[math]*[/math]The second bouquet will have 4 roses for every 8 flowers.

What is the total number of lilies and roses the florist will need? What will be the ratio of lilies to roses? Show or explain the steps you used to solve this problem.

Enter your answers and your work or explanation in the space provided.

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