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PARCC Short Practice (Grade 6)

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PARCC Short Practice

Jason calculated the volume of the rectangular prism shown, in cubic units. Jason's work is shown.

Cube Units 8 I counted that the prism is 3 cubes wide and 4 cubes long. The base layer can hold 12 cubes since 3 x 4 = 12. The prism is 3 layers high, so I added 12 + 12 + 12 to get a total of 36 cubic units for a volume.
Explain why Jason's reasoning is incorrect. Provide the correct volume, in cubic units, of the prism.

Enter your explanation and the correct volume in the space provided.

A second prism has a base of 20 cubic units and has a volume of 160 cubic units.

What is the height, in unit cubes, of the second prism? Explain or show how you determined the height.

Enter the height and your explanation or work in the space provided.

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