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The World's Quietest Place (Grade 7)

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The World's Quietest Place

Have you ever heard someone say that it was so quiet, you could hear a pin drop? It may be hard to imagine anyplace that is that quiet. The world is a very noisy place! Some experts worry that the majority of people suffer from noise pollution due to a definite lack of silence.

No matter where you go, there is always some kind of noise, even if it is only traffic moving in the distance, or clocks ticking, people talking and walking, dogs barking, or music playing. There is one place you can go where the only sounds you will be able to perceive are the beating of your heart and the sound of your breathing. Such a place may seem peaceful, but it is actually unpleasant for almost anyone who stops by to visit.

What is the world's quietest place? It is a room called the anechoic chamber and it is located in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The floor, ceiling, and walls are lined with fiberglass wedges that are built to absorb sound. A number of companies use this room for testing the sound quality of their products. However, visitors are also allowed to go in the room and just sit in the dark and listen to absolutely nothing. Most people want out within a few minutes. So far, no one has lasted more than 45 minutes before wanting back out into a noise-filled world.
Why do you think people would want to try staying in the anechoic chamber?
  1. They are curious to see what it is like to be surrounded by total silence.
  2. They are hoping to break the world's record for being in the room.
  3. They are testing the sound quality of their various products.
  4. They are weary of the sounds of traffic and people around them.
Which of the following is a conclusion that can be drawn about this passage?
  1. The world is such a noisy place that it damages people's hearing.
  2. Minnesota is a much quieter city than most large cities in other states.
  3. The sounds of breathing and the heart beating are louder then some believe.
  4. People struggle to cope with profound silence because they are not used to it.
What is the most likely reason people struggle to stay in the chamber for very long?
  1. They are bored because they have nothing to do.
  2. They are confused by the sound of their breathing and heart beating.
  3. They are uncomfortable with the lack of sound since it is so unfamiliar.
  4. They are so relaxed from the quiet and dark that they start getting sleepy.

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