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Tiny Houses (Grade 2)

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Tiny Houses

Do you ever feel cramped in your house? Imagine living in a house that isn’t much bigger than your bedroom. That’s what a lot of people around the world have started doing.

The tiny house movement is all about living with less. People trade in their large houses for small houses. Most tiny houses range from 100 to 400 square feet in size. Not sure how big 100 square feet is? Lay 10 rulers end to end. That is the size of one wall of a 100 square foot house. Make a box with ten rulers on each side and you have the general size of the house.

How do people live in tiny houses? They get rid of a lot of their belongings. They are also very organized. In a tiny house, every item has a purpose. Some items even serve multiple purposes. For example, a couch may turn into a bed or a bed may have drawers under it for storage. No space is wasted. If there is empty space, it is used to hang something or store something.

In tiny houses, a lot of the furniture and appliances are also tiny. People who live in tiny houses often have small tables and small refrigerators. Instead of a stove, some people use a hot plate or a toaster oven. These changes help save space.

Many tiny houses are also built around nature. Instead of being inside all day, people can spend time on a front porch or go for a walk in the woods. With the wide open outdoors, people who own tiny houses do not need a lot of space inside.

Even if they like the outdoors, why would anyone want to live in a tiny house?

People live in tiny houses for many different reasons. Some live in tiny houses because they want to save money. A smaller house costs less to build. Others live in tiny houses because they are concerned about the environment. A tiny house uses less energy and takes up less space on the Earth. Some simply live in tiny houses because they think they are cool. Their tiny houses are not like any of the houses their friends have.

Tiny house living isn’t for everyone. Some people like to have a lot of space, but for those who don’t, tiny houses are a good option.
What does the author compare a tiny house to?
  1. a hut
  2. a treehouse
  3. a bedroom
  4. a mansion
Why does the author say tiny houses have to be organized?
  1. because they do not have a lot of space
  2. because people have too much stuff
  3. because they have a lot of big shelves
  4. because people don't want to trip on stuff
Which is NOT a reason the author gives when she explains why people live in tiny houses?
  1. to save money
  2. to help the environment
  3. to save energy
  4. to help relax
Which is not something that helps people with tiny houses feel less cramped?
  1. They build a porch on the outside.
  2. They surround the house with nature.
  3. They become very organized.
  4. They add a lot of cool features.
Why might a tiny house have a couch that turns into a bed?
  1. because it is cool
  2. because they need a place to sleep
  3. because it helps save space
  4. because it is as soft as a bed

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