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What is a Bodyguard? (Grade 2)

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What is a Bodyguard?

Profession - BodyguardPresidents and other famous people often get a lot of attention. Sometimes that attention is good, but other times that attention is bad. To help keep people who are bad or want to hurt them, they often hire a bodyguard.

A bodyguard is someone whose job is to protect another person. In movies, bodyguards are often big, beefy guys who carry guns. Real bodyguards don’t always look like that. In many cases, a bodyguard is just a normal-looking person with some impressive skills. A bodyguard doesn’t have to be a male either. Many bodyguards are female.

A bodyguard must be in good shape. If a dangerous person appears or other disaster strikes, he or she has to be ready to jump into action. Many bodyguards are trained in self-defense skills so they can fight off an attacker. Bodyguards that carry weapons must receive special training to make sure they know how to use their weapons properly.

However, most bodyguards don’t spend a lot of time fighting off attackers. Most of their work happens behind the scenes. When a celebrities and government officials go out, bodyguards get their first. They check out the area and look for suspicious people. They check for bombs and other risks. They also plan escape routes in case they need to leave quickly.

While on the job, a bodyguards are always on alert. They must be wide awake and able to think on their feet. Not paying attention for a moment could result in big trouble.
All bodyguards have big muscles that you can see.
  1. True
  2. False
What is a bodyguard's main job?
  1. to look big and scary
  2. to take out bad guys
  3. to keep someone safe
  4. to drive celebrities around
Why does the author mention that bodyguards can be female?
  1. to explain that females can be big and strong
  2. to show that bodyguards come in many types
  3. to say that females make the best bodyguards
  4. to describe a special type of bodyguard
Which is NOT a type of training a bodyguard likely gets?
  1. strength training
  2. self-defense training
  3. weapons training
  4. public speaking training
Based on the information in the passage, what would be most important for a bodyguard?
  1. getting a good night's sleep
  2. looking big and strong
  3. being very friendly
  4. knowing how to work a weapon

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