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Chewiest, Berriest Candy Company (Grade 3)

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Name: Date:

Chewiest, Berriest Candy Company

The Chewiest, Berriest Candy Company
123 Candy Lane
Candytown, USA 12345

To Whom it May Concern:

I am writing to complain about my recent purchase. I purchased a box of your Strawberry Chews. Your company is called the Chewiest, Berriest Candy Company. You promise to have the chewiest and most berry-flavored candy around. However, when I opened the box and took a bite of the candy, it was neither chewy nor berry-flavored. Instead, my box was full of hard, lemon-flavored candies. As a customer, I was really hoping for a box of chewy Strawberry candy as the name Strawberry Chews suggests. I was very disappointed.

I would like to give you another chance to prove to me that you have the chewiest and most berry-flavored candy out there. Instead of asking for a refund, I am asking for you to send me a new box of Strawberry Chews. If you would like to throw in boxes of Raspberry Chews, Blueberry Chews, and Blackberry Chews, that would be great. I would also accept a box of Razzleberry Chews. Although, a Razzleberry is not a real type of berry.

Hopefully, you honor my request. This will help prove to me that you really do have the chewiest and most berry-flavored candy. I am enclosing the rest of the box of lemon-flavored candy I received to prove to you that my letter is honest. You do not have to send those back. I am not a fan of lemon candy. I am not sure why a company called the Chewiest, Berriest Candy Company would even make lemon candy. Last time I checked, lemon wasn’t a berry.

Thank you in advance for fulfilling my request.


A customer who loves berries
Why did the author write this letter?
  1. to thank the company
  2. to complain about the product
  3. to beg for free stuff
  4. to help out a friend
What was the writer's problem?
  1. The Strawberry Chews were actually hard lemon-flavored candies.
  2. The box of candies was empty.
  3. The company refused to send her a new box of candy.
  4. The company promised chewy and berry flavored candy.
What is the writer's solution to her problem?
  1. She wants her money back.
  2. She wants to visit the company.
  3. She wants to learn to like lemon candy.
  4. She wants the company to send her candy.
What information does the author include at the very top of the letter?
  1. Her address
  2. The company's address
  3. The address of the store where she bought the candy
  4. Her friend's address
Why is the author most surprised that she received lemon candy?
  1. She wanted chewy candy.
  2. The candy was hard.
  3. It wasn't sour at all.
  4. Lemon isn't a berry.

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