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La Tomatina Festival (Grade 5)

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La Tomatina Festival

Food fights are messy battles, and are usually frowned on in public. If you happen to be in the Spanish town of Bunol on the last Wednesday of August, however, you had better be ready to get sticky. For the last seven decades, the city has hosted a city-wide food fight. On this hot summer day, people load up with tomatoes. It is time for La Tomatina!

The festival began in 1944. Two young people were upset they could not be in one of Bunol's parades. To show their feelings, they grabbed some tomatoes from a nearby farming stand and began throwing them. Each year, more and more people joined. Soon an annual event was created. Today, thousands of people flock the city to participate.

La Tomatina lasts an entire week. Throwing tomatoes is only a part of it. People also go to dances. They see fireworks. They eat lots of tasty food. When it is time for the tomato tossing to begin, business owners cover their stores with tarps. A truck arrives in town loaded with more than 100 tons of tomatoes. People pull on goggles and hat, and then the fun begins.
Why do business owners most likely cover their stores with tarps?
  1. To show that the businesses are closed for the day
  2. To indirectly state they don't approve of the annual event
  3. To help provide targets for people in the festival
  4. To keep their stores from getting sticky and messy
Why did the young people most likely grab tomatoes so long ago?
  1. They did not like tomatoes.
  2. They owned a farmer's stand.
  3. They needed something close and easy to throw.
  4. They knew tomatoes would upset people the most.
Why do people most likely come to Bunol in August?
  1. To see fireworks
  2. To make new friends
  3. To have a lot of fun
  4. To be in a parade

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