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French Revolution (Grade 6)

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French Revolution

Who was the first Estate?

In prerevolutionary France, which group had the least amount of political power?
  1. aristocracy
  2. clergy
  3. peasant
  4. bourgeoisie
Why is the summer of 1789 known as the "time of great fear" in France?
  1. Aristocrats were being murdered on the guillotine
  2. the royal family fled from Paris
  3. peasants rioted and fled from what they thought was a nobles plot to kill them
  4. everyone was afraid of the Black Death, a plague from Europe
Define Deficit spending

Which of the following did the Declaration of the Rights of Man NOT establish?
  1. the end of the monarchy
  2. freedom of speech
  3. the legal equality of all citizens
  4. freedom of religion
What was the greatest factor in Russia's defeat of Napoleon's army?
  1. the army's disloyalty to Napoleon
  2. the cold Russian winter
  3. Napoleon's inability to take Moscow
  4. the number of Russian soldiers
What did the French Revolutionaries call their flag?

Why did the Jacobins establish a new calendar?
  1. Marie Antoinette loved the fanciful new names of the month
  2. the old calendar was associated with Christianity
  3. Astronomers had discovered that the old calendar was no longer accurate
  4. working people wanted a new calendar that would shorten their work weeks
What happened at the Bastille on July 14, 1789?
  1. The deputies signed the constituion
  2. the sansculottes stormed the building and killed the leader of its defenders
  3. The Parisians executed King Louis XVI
Which battle was the final defeat in Napoleon's military career?
  1. Waterloo
  2. New Orleans
  3. St. Petersburg
  4. Elba
Define Boureoisie

Who made up the third estate?

What was the Declaration of the Rights of Man?
  1. a law that gave Frenchmen the right to vote
  2. an agreement to storm the bastille
  3. the French national anthem
  4. the French Bill of Rights
What gave the Reign of Terror its name?
  1. Napoleon Bonaparte had established a dictatorship that oppressed the people
  2. there was no government in France
  3. many people were executed
  4. France was at war with Russia
What eventually happened to King Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette?

Who made up the Second Estate?

What revolutionary political group was Robespierre once a part of but later turned against beheading many of its members?

What were the (3) colors of the French Flag?

What title did Napoleon never hold?
  1. king of France
  2. first consul
  3. emperor of France
  4. general
Where did Napoleon die?

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