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Julius Caesar (Grade 6)

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Julius Caesar

From what kind of Family did Caesar come from?
  1. Plebeian
  2. Patrician
  3. Royalty
  4. Slaves
What did Caesar know he had to do to get ahead in life?
  1. Military advancement
  2. Senate Advancement
  3. Arena Advancement
  4. Bribing people
What did Caesar do in an effort to be reelected consul?
  1. Bribe people
  2. Bring his army into Rome
  3. Conspire against the Senate
  4. Appoint himself
What did Caesars actions before he was elected to the consul result in?
  1. Punic Wars
  2. Trojan Wars
  3. PAx Romana
  4. Civil War
As a result of the Roman Civil War what did Caesar become?
  1. King
  2. Senate
  3. Consul
  4. Emperor
What disease is Caesar said to have suffered from?
  1. Malaria
  2. Epilepsy
  3. Cholera
  4. Cancer
Who was responsible for Caesars death?
  1. Consuls
  2. Brutus and Cassius
  3. Mark Antony
  4. Caesar Augustus
What was the Pax Romana?
  1. Roman Peace
  2. War with greece
  3. Land Entitlement
  4. Crowning the Roman king
How long did the Pax Romana last?
  1. 10 years
  2. 100 years
  3. 200 years
  4. 1000 years
Why did a group of Senators murder Julius Caesar?
  1. because he was unpopular
  2. to destroy the Republic and restore a monarchy
  3. they were afraid of him
  4. to prevent him from destroying the Roman Republic
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