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European Middle Ages (Grade 9)

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European Middle Ages

In the Middle Ages, magnificent                   were built in the larger towns and cities.
  1. churches
  2. flying butresses
  3. Gothic cathedrals
  4. capitals
After Charlemagne's death, the lack of a strong central authority or government made it necessary for local self-sufficiency. The institution that appeared in this time of a collapsing central authority was called
  1. Monarchy
  2. Warriorism
  3. Feudalism
  4. Carolingian Imperialism
The purpose of the First Crusade was to
  1. retrieve the Nile River from Egypt.
  2. Help Byzantine Emperor Alexius I Comnenus.
  3. To help the Turks take Byzantine territory.
  4. recapture the Holy Land.
A picture made from small pieces of glass, enamel or stone is called
  1. Fresco
  2. Stella
  3. Pictograph
  4. Mosaic
Paper money was invented in which one of the following ages:
  1. Iron Age
  2. Information Age
  3. Renaissance
  4. Middle Ages
How did the iconoclastic controversy end?
  1. The use of icons were outlawed
  2. The use of icons were permitted only for religious ceremonial purposes
  3. The use of icons were allowed
  4. The use of icons were allowed only by priests
The set of laws that regulated the Byzantine society was called what?
  1. Statues
  2. The bill of rights
  3. Chivalry
  4. The Justinian Code
One issue the Byzantines were concerned with was the use of icons. An icon is a what?
  1. A picture of Jesus, the Virgin Mary, or the saints
  2. A kind of currency used in Constantinople
  3. A slave
  4. A harsh code of laws
Justinian's wife Empress Theodora.....
  1. Improved the status of women
  2. Persuaded her husband to fight off a rebellion
  3. Donated money to churches and orphanages
  4. All of the above
Which of the following results came about because of the influence of the Byzantine culture?
  1. Chariot races became a popular sport
  2. Prince Vladimir decides to invade Constantinople and take it for himself
  3. Christianity spread to the Slavs of Russia
  4. The bishop of Rome claimed complete authority over the church
Music performed in churches was called religious music, while music performed outside of the church (usually in royal/wealthy homes) was called
  1. non-religious
  2. medieval
  3. secular
  4. Islamic
This emperor ruled under The Great Iconoclastic Controversy
  1. Leo III
  2. Basil XV
  3. Justinian I
  4. Mark Antony
During Feudal times most people lived in one of these two places....
  1. church or acropolis
  2. park or plantation
  3. manor or castle
  4. none of the above
All but one of these was a sport played by the nobles and knights
  1. Minstrels
  2. Jousting
  3. Falconry
  4. Tournaments
What is geocentric?
  1. sun-centered universe
  2. the moon
  3. earth-centered universe
  4. a star system
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