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Geography of Africa (Grade 9)

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Geography of Africa

We've all heard of Leaches. How would you describe a Leach?
  1. dissolve, carry away
  2. bringing forth life
  3. carrying nutrients to host
  4. providing energy
A passage where freshwater from a river meets seawater is an
  1. escarpment
  2. estuary
  3. cataract
  4. fault
A steep, jagged slope or cliff is an
  1. estuary
  2. savanna
  3. escarpment
  4. cataract
A fracture in the Earth’s crust is known as a
  1. delta
  2. fault
  3. rift valley
  4. savanna
Over the course of centuries arable land becomes desert. What is this process called?
  1. tropication
  2. salivation
  3. deforestation
  4. desertification
Africa's Savanna is home to many of the world's most diverse animals. An accurate description of Africa's beautiful Savanna would be a ...
  1. rocky mountain with cliffs
  2. tropical grassland with scattered trees
  3. mediterranean temperature with many shrubs
  4. desert with sand dunes
A section of land formed by sand and silt from a river is known as a
  1. delta
  2. estuary
  3. rift valley
  4. escarpment
In Africa there is a 6,000 mile fault in the Earth's crust that starts in the south at Mozambique and ends north in Syria. In this fault volcanic mountains rise on its edges and deep lakes parallel its length. This fault can also be seen from space. What is the name of this great landform?
  1. The Grand Canyon
  2. The Great Rift Valley
  3. The Great Pyramids
  4. The Great Lakes Region
Warm winds that blow along the western coast of Africa are called
  1. westerlies
  2. easterlies
  3. harmattans
  4. northern winds
The Nile river has 6 of these towering waterfalls. What is the geographic name for these waterfalls?
  1. cataracts
  2. water cliffs
  3. nile waterfalls
  4. waterways
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