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Ancient Rome Test (Grade 9)

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Ancient Rome Test

Instructions: Select or write the best answer(s) to each question. Good luck!

Upper class in the Roman Empire and was a small group of wealthy land owners.
  1. Patricians
  2. Plebeians
  3. Emperors
  4. Teachers
The Romans were heavily influenced by the Greek's
  1. religion
  2. architecture
  3. alphabet
  4. all of the above
Christianity was a threat to Roman rulers because
  1. Jesus preached against Roman rule.
  2. Christians refused to worship Roman gods.
  3. Christians tried to overthrow Nero.
  4. Romans were considered heretics.
The period of Roman peace and prosperity was known as the                          .
                         were the lower class in the Roman Empire and consisted of peasants, shopkeepers, artisans, and laborers.
  1. is a system of roads
  2. carry water from distant lakes/rivers to cities
  3. are fancy water slides
  4. are hydro motors
Julius Caesar was killed by a group of his most trusted friends.
  1. True
  2. False
A Government in which citizens have the right to select their own leader is
  1. republic
  2. plebian
  3. senate
  4. dictator
The most enduring contribution of Rome was
  1. its law
  2. the use of aqueducts
  3. its roads
  4. the Latin language
The first Roman emperor was                
  1. Julius Caesar.
  2. Octavius
  3. Constantine I.
  4. Theodosius I.
The Romans improved upon Greek building design with two new features. They are:
  1. arches and domes
  2. columns and arches
  3. houses and schools
  4. none of the above
Who, according to myth, founded Rome?
  1. Romulus and Remus
  2. Julius Caesar
  3. Hannibal
  4. Armenius
The system of government established by Augustus remained stable because
  1. his successors were capable administrators
  2. Roman customs spread throughout the provinces
  3. the succession of emperors was clearly defined
  4. he established a civil service
The last king of Rome was driven from power in 509 BC. Rome formed a new government called a                        in which the power rests with the citizens who then elect leaders.
Why did a group of Senators murder Julius Caesar?
  1. because he was unpopular
  2. to destroy the Republic and restore a monarchy
  3. they were afraid of him
  4. to prevent him from destroying the Roman Republic
The basis for Roman law was the                                 .
This group consisted of over 300 men in the Roman government.
  1. Roman Forum
  2. Emperor
  3. Consul
  4. Senate
The Roman Empire changed during the Pax Romana. How so?
  1. There were more battles over power and land
  2. slaves forced farmers out of business
  3. it grew larger and wealthier
  4. there was major reform of laws
When was the Roman Republic believed to established?                  
What were the Punic Wars?
  1. Wars between the Barbarians and Rome
  2. Wars between Rome and Germania
  3. Wars between Rome and Gaul
  4. Wars between Rome and Carthage
How many Roman consuls ruled at a time?
  1. 1
  2. 2
  3. 3
  4. 4
Name two ways in which Ancient Rome and the United States are different.

What is a peninsula?

List the six classes in the social structure of Ancient Rome.

In the Roman Military, groups of 5,000 soldiers were called:
  1. a colony
  2. a century
  3. a legion
  4. a squadron
The prosperity and peace of the Pax Romana, allowed the Romans to promote what two things?
  1. farming and music
  2. culture and invention
  3. food and schools
  4. none of the above
The social structure of ancient Rome was based on heredity,                  ,                 ,citizenship and freedom.
  1. property, wealth
  2. education, race
  3. animals, slaves
  4. none of the above
Rome's expansion brought wealth, but also created problems. Name 2 problems.

Could hold 60,000 people. Gladiator fights and chariot races were held there.
  1. the Forum
  2. the Colosseum
  3. the Appian Way
  4. Constantinople
The social structure in ancient Rome did not allow mobility between the classes.
  1. True
  2. False
How do new leaders take power in the Roman Republic?
  1. By inheritance or by force
  2. Appointed by the Senate
  3. Elected by popular vote
  4. none of the above
One way that Roman slavery was different than more modern forms of slavery was                , the ability to slaves to be freed.
  1. divorce
  2. marriage
  3. entitlement
  4. manumission
Slavery in ancient Rome is similar to its modern forms in that it was also based on race.
  1. True
  2. False
Which social class in ancient Rome had little individual power, but when they grouped together they could create a Roman mob?
  1. Freeman and slaves
  2. Esquestrians
  3. Plebians
  4. Women
Name one geographic feature from ancient Rome and tell how it impacted the culture of Rome.

There were some rituals that the Romans shared despite the social standing. Two of those rituals are                             and                            .
  1. none of the below
  2. birthdays and anniversaries
  3. dancing and singing
  4. bathing and dinner time
The judicial system in the Roman Republic consisted of                 judges that served a                 term.
  1. 8, lifetime
  2. 9, one year
  3. 8, one year
  4. 9, lifetime
Rome flourished and grew along the banks of the                 River.
  1. Po
  2. Tiber
  3. Rubicon
  4. Ticino
What were two well-known ways in which a person could advance in Roman society?
  1. education and labor
  2. wealth and property
  3. farming and shipping
  4. none of the above
List 5 areas of Roman achievements.

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