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World War I Test (Grade 9)

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World War I Test

                is information that is used to promote a political cause or a point of view.
  1. Patriotism
  2. Passivity
  3. Propaganda
  4. Premeditation
This nation was blamed for World War One and was punished severely in the Treaty of Versailles.
  1. United States
  2. Britain
  3. Russia
  4. Germany
The German forces were to be limited to                 men.
  1. 100,000
  2. 250,000
  3. 150,000
  4. 200,000
Which of the following was NOT a member of the Allied Powers?
  1. Britain
  2. Bulgaria
  3. France
  4. Russia
Describe the 1914 Christmas of WWI. What happened, what is that Christmas known as, and why was it unique?

What was President Wilson's initial attitude toward the US involvement in World War One?
  1. He wanted to remain neutral
  2. He wanted to enter the war on the side of Britain and the Allies
  3. He wanted to support Germany and the Central Powers
  4. He wanted to pressure Germany to make peace with The Ottoman Empire
                  is a competition between countries to see who can create the most powerful weapons.
  1. Militarism
  2. Nationalism
  3. Imperialism
  4. none of the above
Which of the Following was NOT an effect of the Treaty of Versailles and the end of World War One?
  1. Many new countries were formed in Europe
  2. The old Empires of Germany and Austria-Hungary ended
  3. resentment led to the rise of Hitler's Nazi party and WW2
  4. America's power in the world declined
Why is it ironic that WWI was known as "The War to End All Wars"?

What was the spark that set off WWI?
  1. the alliance linking the Central Powers
  2. the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand
  3. the development of trench warfare
  4. the encouragement of Serbian nationalists by Germany
Which President helped to organize the League of Nations?
  1. Andrew Johnson
  2. James Monroe
  3. Harry Truman
  4. Woodrow Wilson
WWI is known as                           and                          .
  1. "the war to end all wars"
  2. "the good war"
  3. "the great war"
  4. both a and c
  5. both b and c
What was the only part of Wilson's plan to be added to the Treaty of Versailles?
  1. Elimination of secret treaties.
  2. Reduction in imperialism.
  3. Adjustments to the boundaries in Europe.
  4. League of Nations.
Which of the following countries was NOT a member of the Central Powers in World War One?
  1. Austria-Hungary
  2. France
  3. Germany
  4. Ottoman Empire
Why is armistice an unusual way way to end a war?

A policy or practice by which a country increases its power by gaining control over other areas of the world
  1. capitalism
  2. militarism
  3. imperialism
  4. nationalism
Trench warfare and poison gas are most heavily associated with                .
  1. British Empire
  2. WWI
  3. WWII
  4. Cold War
Germany produced the most propaganda posters in WWI.
  1. True
  2. False
This type of warfare led to a stalemate (no one wins) on the Western front during WW One?
  1. conventional warfare
  2. trench warfare
  3. nuclear warfare
  4. naval warfare
World War One Took place during
  1. 1861-1865
  2. 1901-1905
  3. 1914-1918
  4. 1940-1945
  5. 1964-1968
Having pride in one's country is known as
  1. imperialism
  2. militarism
  3. alliance
  4. nationalism
The U.S. was an ally to Britain, France, and Russia during WWI.
  1. True
  2. False
Please describe, in detail, trench warfare.

President Wilson's peace plan was known as
  1. The Big Four
  2. The Fourteen Points
  3. The Treaty of Versailles
  4. The 19th Amendment
An                 is a promise, a treaty, an agreement between countries.
  1. enemy
  2. empire
  3. alliance
  4. ally
What Treaty forced Germany to pay reparations after WWI?
  1. Treaty of Paris
  2. Treaty of Berlin
  3. Treaty of Winnebago
  4. Treaty of Versailles
Using words and pictures to portray people in a certain way is called
  1. publicity
  2. promotion
  3. publication
  4. propaganda
Name the 3 countries who were present during the meeting for the Treaty of Versailles.

President Woodrow Wilson's statement "The world must be made safe for democracy" was made to justify his decision to
  1. end United States imperialism in Latin America
  2. support tariff reform
  3. ask Congress to declare war against Germany
Which type of propaganda poster did the United States produce the most of during WWI?
  1. army enlistment
  2. war bonds
  3. usage of food
  4. none of the above
WWI ended in                .
  1. surrender
  2. neutrality
  3. victory
  4. armistice
Which weapon of World War I resulted in trench warfare and high numbers of casualties?
  1. tanks
  2. planes
  3. machine guns
In May 1915, a German submarine torpedoed without warning a British passenger liner called:
  1. Lindbergh
  2. La Inglesa
  3. Lusitania
  4. Merrimack
The Treaty of Versailles was kind to Germany.
  1. True
  2. False
What was the area in between trenched called during W.W.I. ?
  1. The great soldier zone
  2. The Dead zone
  3. No man's land
  4. No tolerance land
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