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Summer Fun Poem (Kindergarten)

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Summer Fun Poem

Summer is so very fun
Eating Summer - Ice Cream - Small in the Summer - Sun - Small
Finding Summer - Starfish - Small at the beach
Finding shade under the Summer - Tree - Small
Having Summer - Picnic Table - Small in the woods
Eating lots of yummy Summer - Hamburger - Small
That's what I like about summer.
Which is NOT something the speaker likes to do in summer?
  1. Eat yummy foods
  2. Eat an ice cream cone
  3. Find starfish
  4. Go swimming
What is the poem about?
  1. Things to do in summer
  2. What the speaker likes to do in summer
  3. Spending time at the beach in summer
  4. Enjoying the sunshine in summer
Where does the speaker like to eat ice cream?
  1. at the beach
  2. at the pool
  3. in the sun
  4. in the woods
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