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Summer Pool Poem (Grade 1)

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Summer Pool Poem

Summer is so hot, hot, hot, hot.
I must find a cooler spot.

Oh, I know! I'll go to the pool.
It will keep me nice and cool.

I'll don my suit and jump right in.
I'll splash about and start to swim.

In the water, I'm like a fish.
My arms and legs go swish, swish, swish.

When I need to escape the summer heat
The pool is the coolest treat.
What do the first and fourth stanzas have in common?
  1. They both tell how hot summer is.
  2. They are both about swimming.
  3. They both repeat words three times.
  4. They are both very short.
According to the poem, what is the weather like in the summer?
  1. It is hot.
  2. It is sunny.
  3. It is wet.
  4. It is cloudy.
Why does the speaker like the pool in the summer?
  1. It is fun.
  2. It is cool.
  3. It is busy.
  4. It is relaxing.
To what does the speaker compare his arms?
  1. The rays of the sun
  2. The fins of a fish
  3. The tail of a dog
  4. The spray from a hose
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