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Summer Sun Poem (Grade 2)

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Summer Sun Poem

Summer - SunWelcome, Summer Sun, I'm glad to see
That in summer I have more time with thee.
Shining when I awake and when I sleep
Your bright yellow rays are sure to keep
Me warm and smiling throughout the day
Shining on me when I play.

Oh summer sun, I love you so
From the top of my head to my tippy toes.
You are such a beautiful yellow spot,
but OUCH! Oh why are you so hot?
What does the last line of the poem suggest?
  1. The speaker touched the sun.
  2. The speaker got a sunburn.
  3. The speaker dislikes the sun.
  4. The speaker was barefoot.
What does the poem suggest about the sun during the summer?
  1. It shines longer than other times of the year.
  2. It is the only time the sun shines.
  3. It helps the plants and trees grow.
  4. It wakes the speaker up.
Which line could the poet use to replace the second line "That in summer I have more time with thee"?
  1. Your rays shining all about the land
  2. Your bright face shining down on me
  3. Your rays stretching across the sky
  4. Your greeting early in the morning
When was this poem most likely written?
  1. During the winter
  2. At the beginning of summer
  3. At the beginning of spring
  4. In the middle of summer
The speaker likes the Summer Sun.
  1. True
  2. False
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