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Summer Vocabulary (Grade 2)

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Summer Vocabulary

In the summer, I like to build                 on the beach.
  1. ocean
  2. sand castles
  3. beach chairs
  4. snorkels
Summer - Sea Shell - Small
Sometimes I find                 in the sand, too.
  1. beach chairs
  2. sea shells
  3. sand castles
  4. snorkels
When I am done playing in the sand, I wash off in the                .
  1. ocean
  2. sand
  3. snorkel
  4. beach chair
Summer - Sun - Small
Since the                 is so hot, the water feels nice.
  1. ocean
  2. sand
  3. sunshine
  4. snorkel
In the water, I like to try to jump over the                .
  1. sand
  2. waves
  3. snorkels
  4. ocean
Summer - Diving Mask - Small
Then I grab my                 and dive under the water to look for creatures.
  1. starfish
  2. beach chair
  3. snorkel
  4. sand castle
I see a lot of                 on the bottom of the ocean.
  1. seaweed
  2. sand castles
  3. beach chairs
  4. snorkels
Summer - Starfish - Small
If I'm lucky, I may find a                 in the sand at the bottom of the ocean.
  1. sand castle
  2. snorkel
  3. seaweed
  4. starfish
It is even cooler when I find a                , although it is not real money.
  1. seaweed
  2. starfish
  3. seashell
  4. sand dollar
Summer - Beach Chair - Small
When I get tired, I head to shore to sit in my                 and relax on the beach.
  1. snorkel
  2. sand castle
  3. beach chair
  4. ocean
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