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Fourth of July Vocabulary (Grade 5)

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Fourth of July Vocabulary

Instructions: American - Flag
Answer the questions related to the Fourth of July Vocabulary words.

The colonists wanted                from Great Britain.
  1. taxes
  2. independence
  3. a constitution
  4. a king
A colonist is someone who...
  1. lives in a colony.
  2. lives in England.
  3. lives abroad.
  4. lives with ants.
A                 is a special way of doing something that was passed down over time.
  1. neighborhood
  2. tradition
  3. history
A _________________________ is a sudden, complete change in government.

Which Core Democratic Value means "freedom" and the right to make choices and have your own ideas?
  1. life
  2. liberty
  3. pursuit of happiness
  4. common good
  5. justice
Ratify means to...
  1. veto
  2. approve
  3. become radical
  4. change
Ancestor; a person from an earlier period:
  1. foreman
  2. forewarn
  3. forebode
  4. forefather
The power to think or act without someone hindering you.
  1. justice
  2. honor
  3. freedom
  4. heritage
Relating to fireworks.
  1. pyrotechnic
  2. fireotechnic
  3. fireworkers
  4. pyromaniac
  1. a big party
  2. a big road trip
  3. a big accident
  4. a big fireworks show
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