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Solid Shapes - Cylinder (Grade 1)

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Solid Shapes - Cylinder

Instructions: Cylinder - ColorA cylinder is a solid shape with a top and bottom, called bases, that are usually circles. The bases are connected with a curved side. Write the word "cylinder" on the lines then answer the questions.
1/2 Writing Strip - 3/4 Inch

Circle the object that is shaped most like a cylinder.
Planet Earth - SmallValentine's Day - CakeGeneral - Party Hat

Cylinder 2Color the cylinder. Then write the names of two objects that are shaped like cylinders.
1/3 Writing Strip - 3/4 Inch 1/3 Writing Strip - 3/4 Inch

Write a number on each line that completes the statement. A cylinder has...

           Corners,            Faces, and            Edges
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