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Solid Shapes – Cube (Grade 1)

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Solid Shapes – Cube

Instructions: Cube - ColorA cube is a six-sided figure made of square sides that are all the same size. Write the word "cube" on the lines then answer the questions.
1/2 Writing Strip - 3/4 Inch

Circle the object that is shaped like a cube.
Soccer BallGeneral - Gift Box - SmallCarrotGeneral - Party Hat - SmallAppleMulti Side Dices 1BasketballAmerican - Firecracker - Small

Write a number on each line that completes the statement. A cube has...

           Corners,            Faces, and            Edges

Make a cube! Cut out the shape to the right along the solid lines. Then, fold the paper along the dotted lines to make a cube. Use a piece of tape to hold the cube together.

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