Mosquito Control (Grade 7)

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Mosquito Control

Instructions: Use what you know about making inferences to read the passage and answer the questions below.

Nothing can ruin a summer evening faster than the high-pitched whine of an incoming
mosquito in search of a snack. Relaxing and watching the sunset ends as you start
watching for the insect to land and take a bite!

How do mosquitoes find you in the first place? They are attracted to the odor of carbon
dioxide, which most living creatures exhale. Mosquitoes can detect it up to 100 feet
away. They head your direction. As they get closer, they rely more and more on their
ability to feel the heat your body gives off.

Mosquito repellents have been on the market for years, of course. Most of them use a
variety of scents in order to fool the mosquitoes. To do so effectively, however, often
means the use of toxic chemicals, so researchers have tried to find something better.

A new invention from the University of California may be the perfect solution. A small
patch is placed on a person's clothing. It contains a harmless chemical that masks the
smell of carbon dioxide, and makes you invisible to mosquitoes!
What will the researchers most likely do with their invention next?
  1. Test it on mosquitoes.
  2. Manufacture it in factories.
  3. Give it away to a variety of stores.
  4. Sew it into specific brands of clothing.
Read this sentence from the text.

Mosquito repellents have been on the market for years, of course.

Why does the author most likely include the words "of course"?
  1. To emphasize the importance of repellents
  2. To highlight the need for an improved product
  3. To show readers why mosquitoes are annoying
  4. To indicate most people knew this fact already
What does the author assume the reader already knows in this text?
  1. The type of chemical used in the patch
  2. The reason why mosquitoes bite people
  3. The ingredients in standard bug repellents
  4. The way the patch has been tested with the public

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