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Slugs Down Under (Grade 7)

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Slugs Down Under

Australia has been known for many years as the site of many exotic and dangerous creatures. It is not only home to the oddly-shaped platypus and the possum-like sugar glider, but also to the cuddly-looking koala bear, the gangly emu, and the spiny echidna.

This "land down under" is where you will find the world's deadliest snake, the lethal stinging stonefish, and the toxic blue-lined octopus.

That list of unusual creatures just got longer with the discovery of a new type of slug. It was found by park rangers on a mountain peak in the Nandewar Range of New South Wales. Slugs are not necessarily attractive creatures, but these are quite unique. First of all, they are unusually large. They measure eight inches. This is twice the typical size of a large slug. Secondly, these gigantic slugs are bright neon pink! Once you spot one, you are not likely to ever forget it. Fortunately, unlike many other Australian critters, this slug is harmless.
What is the main idea of this passage?
  1. Australia has a new type of creature to add to its list.
  2. The most unusual animals are found on mountain peaks.
  3. These pink slugs are one of Australia's most intimidating creatures
  4. New creatures are found daily in remote places all over the planet.
What does the term "land down under" most likely refer to?
  1. New South Wales
  2. Australia
  3. Mountain peaks
  4. Nandewar Range
Which detail would fit best at the end of the last paragraph of the text?
  1. The height of the mountain in the Nandewar Range
  2. The name of the park rangers who found the first slug
  3. The reason this new slug is such an unusual color
  4. The description of Australia's other deadliest creatures
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