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E-Readers (Grade 8)

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There is no doubt that electronic readers, or e-readers as they are known, are gaining in popularity in the United States and other countries. Millions of models are sold in bookstores and online every year. The reasons why e-readers have been so welcomed are easy to understand.

Downloading books to e-readers is fast and easy. Frequently, all it requires is a few seconds and clicks on the computer. No trips to the library or bookstore required.

While e-readers themselves often come with a significant price tag, the books read on them are commonly free or far less expensive than traditional books. The size of print can be even be changed in order to make the words bigger or smaller, a helpful feature for readers of all ages. Finally, with an e-reader, it is certainly easier to download ten, a hundred-even a thousand books on it than it is to find room for all of those volumes on shelves.

Of course, there are those who still prefer reading an old-fashioned traditional book to using a modern e-reader. Some of these people like the feel and the sound of turning the pages. Others enjoy the weight and texture of a book in their hands. Still others simply appreciate the fact that real books do not need to be charged or are not easily damaged if dropped.
What factor do e-readers and books have in common?
  1. Both are quite expensive.
  2. Both are climbing in national sales.
  3. Both are difficult to see in dimly lit rooms.
  4. Both are enjoyable to hold and very portable.
What is the major difference between e-readers and books?
  1. E-readers are harder to damage.
  2. E-readers require an energy source.
  3. E-readers have limited available titles.
  4. E-readers cost loss than regular books.
What does an e-reader have that a book does not?
  1. hundreds of pages
  2. a table of contents
  3. a far lower price tag
  4. multiple print sizes
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