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Rainforest Frogs (Grade 9)

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Rainforest Frogs

Deep inside many of the world’s rainforests live two small colorful creatures. Both of them are mere inches long, and come decorated in bright shades of green, yellow, blue, orange, and red. Often referred to as the “gems of the rainforest,” these frogs live up in the trees, often spending almost all of their lives in the high green canopy sleeping on leaves during the day, and searching for insects at night for an evening snack.

One type of frog is known as the poison dart tree frog. As harmless as it looks, it carries an invisible weapon. Its skin is coated in a thin layer of toxic poison, so one bite or lick, and either the predator will die, or run off, determined never to try that meal again. Natives in the rainforest capture these little frogs and rub the ends of their hunting darts across their skin, creating a lethal weapon.

The other type of frog is the red-eyed tree frog. It looks a great deal like the poison dart frog, but the way it protects itself from predators is much different. Its back is a shade of green that allows it to merge with the rainforest around it, and when it is sleeping, it pulls its legs underneath it and closes its eyes. When a predator comes too close, the frog throws out its brightly colored legs in shades of bright blue, green, orange and yellow, and opens its bright red eyes as big as it can. The colors often scare away any predator, at least long enough for the little frog to leap to safety.
What factor do these two types of frogs have in common?
  1. They are both dangerous to predators.
  2. They both help the local natives.
  3. They both are very small and colorful.
  4. They both have startling eyes.
What is the primary difference between the poison dart frog and the red-eyed tree frog?
  1. How they protect themselves
  2. Where they usually live
  3. What kind of food they eat
  4. When they wake up to hunt
Why are both of these frogs most likely referred to as “gems of the rainforest”?
  1. Their size
  2. Their location
  3. Their eyees
  4. Their colors
While most frogs tend to live in water or on the ground, these frogs both spend most of their lives in the trees.
  1. True
  2. False
A poison dart frog uses its natural toxin to scare away predators, while a red-eyed tree frog relies on its                    for protections.

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