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Pedal or Motor? (Grade 10)

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Pedal or Motor?

Pedal or Motor

With the general population becoming more and more aware of the environment and trying to adopt "greener" habits, it is no surprise that people are questioning the use of their cars. From the price of gas to parking fees, from expensive repairs to concerns about air pollution, there is an ongoing effort to find better options.

Many people are turning to bicycles. Riding a bike has proved good for the body, the planet and the wallet. According to a recent study, low-effort ride (10mph) burns far more calories than a relaxed afternoon stroll (2mph). A bike won't emit any pollutants or deplete non-renewable resources. In addition, whereas the asphalt, roadway tars and other chemicals used to make parking lots damages the earth, a bike rack is no more a nuisance than a mailbox. A bike requires minimal upkeep and those repairs that are needed are largely doable by the average rider and a few simple tools. Finally, with the growing amount of bike trails and charity rides, there is even a growing social aspect to bikes that isn't available to those in encased in a car.

There are people who prefer something faster than the old-fashioned bicycle. A growing number are choosing electric scooters. These vehicles are less draining physically, but still won't harshly affect the environment. Repairs are not common, but when they are needed, it commonly requires a licensed mechanic or other expert. A scooter may require a parking spot instead of a bike rack, but it doesn't require the purchase of an expensive bike lock. For the most part, electric scooters require a state issued driver's license to operate.
What two things is this passage comparing?
  1. The amount of calories burned using different types of vehicles.
  2. The various ways people are trying to live “greener” lifestyles.
  3. The pros and cons of owning and using scooters and bicycles.
  4. The types of repairs required by the average bicycle and scooter.
Which statement about electric scooters is the most accurate?
  1. They need more repairs than bicycles do.
  2. They have stricter requirements in place to ride them.
  3. They often help people interact on a social level.
  4. They must be kept in legally marked parking spots.
What would be a primary reason a person would purchase a scooter instead of a bicycle?
  1. To save a great deal of money
  2. To have a smaller impact on the environment
  3. To learn how to make the necessary repairs
  4. To travel faster and expend less physical energy
A growing number of people are searching for a workable replacement for their dependence on automobiles.
  1. True
  2. False
Bike riders are often offered the chance to socialize through                                                           .
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