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Serena Williams (Grade 8)

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Serena Williams

Serena Williams is known as one of the best female players in the history of tennis. She has won nearly 70 Women's Tennis Association events throughout her career, including around 20 titles in Grand Slam makeup tournaments (U.S. Open, Wimbledon, etc.).

Williams began playing tennis when she was three. She and her sister, Venus, would play in Compton, California. When she was nine, her family moved to West Palm Beach, Florida and trained at Rick Macci Tennis Academy. In just one year of playing tennis at the academy, Williams became the number one ranked player on the Tennis Association Junior Tour. Her record was 46-3. She made her professional debut in 1995. She was only 14. Even though she did not win, she made a big impression.

In 1999, Williams won her first Grand Slam event, the U.S. Open. Then, during the 2002-2003 season, she pulled off a spectacular feat, the "Serena Slam," winning all four legs of the grand slam during one season. After her career high, she faced a few injuries, but eventually came back to regain her title in 2009.

Williams has also competed in doubles alongside her sister, Venus. In 2010, the sisters earned the number one ranking in doubles.

Serena Williams has often been referred to as the "Queen of the Court." She has a very powerful playing style and registers one of the fastest serves ever. Although she has had multiple injuries throughout her career, Serena continues to be a major tennis contender and one of the top tennis players in the world.
Why does the author reference Serena's injuries?
  1. to describe a low point in her career
  2. to show how she has overcome obstacles
  3. to support why she is no longer a strong player
  4. to explain that she is so good she can win despite being injured
What is a "Serena Slam"?
  1. How Serena hits the ball
  2. The speed of Serena's serve
  3. Winning all four Grand Slam events
  4. Serena's nickname for her racket
According to the passage, which year was one of Serena Williams' best years?
  1. 1994-1995
  2. 1999-2000
  3. 2002-2003
  4. 2007-2008

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