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Diving Dogs (Grade 4)

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Diving Dogs

Have you ever seen a diving dog? Every year, thousands of dogs participate in diving competitions. During these competitions, man's best friend gets to swim and splash in the water while the crowd cheers them on.

So are dogs good divers? Not all of them. Most dogs need a lot of practice to become good divers. If you have a dog, you can train your dog to become a diving dog. Lots of kids do it. The age of the dog doesn't matter either. All that's required is a dog that loves and respects it owner.

Training a dog to dive can also be a great way to help a disobedient dog. Dogs who usually have trouble following the rules enjoy learning how to dive because it is more fun than learning to sit or stay. It's also a great way to help dogs burn off energy.

Of course, just because a dog likes diving doesn't mean it will do well at a diving competition. Dogs must get used to diving on command and being around other dogs. They also have to get used to the noise of the crowd and the diving pool itself. The more competitions a dog participates in, the easier diving becomes. Some owners also throw special toys into the pool to make the dog more comfortable.

Dogs who become really comfortable and good at diving can qualify for even bigger competitions. The biggest competition is the Dog Olympics. It's called the Purina Pro Plan Incredible Dog Challenge. Every year, the best dog divers in the United States participate in the competition.
What is the effect of diving for disobedient dogs?
  1. They become more disobedient.
  2. They learn how to obey commands.
  3. They get all wet.
  4. They are worn out.
Why might a dog who is good at diving not do well at competition?
  1. The competition can scare the dog.
  2. The water can be too cold.
  3. The dog can be disobedient.
  4. The other dogs can be crazy.
According to the passage, what happens to a dog who wins a lot of diving competitions?
  1. It becomes more comfortable with diving.
  2. It goes on to compete at the national competition.
  3. It becomes a very disobedient dog.
  4. It is scared of the other dogs.
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