Writing Algebraic Expressions (Grade 6)

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Writing Algebraic Expressions

Write the word phrase that describes the expression, [math]h – 9[/math].
  1. a number [math]h[/math] decreased by nine
  2. a number [math]h[/math] increased by nine
  3. a number [math]h[/math] divided by nine
  4. a number [math]h[/math] multiplied by nine
Which is the correct verbal expression for 8n?
  1. n more than 8
  2. the quotient of 8 and n
  3. the product of 8 and n
  4. 8 decreased by n
What is an algebra expression for, "Hot dogs are $1.25 each?"
  1. [math]1.25 xx n[/math]
  2. [math]1.25/n[/math]
  3. [math]1.25+n[/math]
  4. [math]1.25-n[/math]
Which is a variable expression for four less than [math]m[/math]?
  1. [math]4 ÷ m[/math]
  2. [math]4 – m[/math]
  3. [math]m ÷ 4[/math]
  4. [math]m - 4[/math]
Which of the following expresses the following phrase numerically?
One-fourth of the sum of 6 and g plus the product of 3 and b.
  1. [math]1/4(6+g) +3b[/math]
  2. [math]1/4(6)+g+3b[/math]
  3. [math]1/4 *6g+3b[/math]
  4. [math]1/4(6 +g -3b)[/math]
Which expression represents the phrase "the difference between twice a number and 45?"
  1. [math]2n-45[/math]
  2. [math]2(n-45)[/math]
  3. [math]2n(45)[/math]
  4. [math]n-2(45)[/math]
7 increased by 1/3 of a number, n

the sum of 9 and a, divided by 3

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