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Personal Banking (Grade 5)

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Personal Banking

                     : To write a signature on the back of a check.
            : The chief financial officer is responsible for a business's finances.
                      : A check received for a work completed.
                                : A check that is written for more than the amount of money in a checking account.
                                  : A check written from a personal checking account.
The money people earn for their work.
  1. deposit ticket
  2. endorse
  3. income
  4. personal check
The amount of money placed into an account after all deductions, such as cash back, are made.
  1. bounced check
  2. check register
  3. direct deposit
  4. net deposit
A booklet for recording money put into (deposited) or removed from (withdrawn) an account.
  1. bounced check
  2. CFO
  3. check register
  4. direct deposit
A written record of money put into a checking account.
  1. bounced check
  2. check register
  3. deposit check
  4. net deposit
An electronic transfer of money from one account to another; often used by employers to pay employees.
  1. endorse
  2. direct deposit
  3. net deposit
  4. personal check
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