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The Value of Hard Work - Fiction (Grade 4)

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The Value of Hard Work - Fiction

Fall - Harvest1 Once there were two little mice. One of the mice was a very hard worker. Every morning she would go outside. She would fill her basket with beans and nuts. She would store them in her pantry. Then she would head out to find food for the day. If it was raining, she gathered food. If the sun was blazing, she gathered food. If she was feeling sick, she gathered food.

2 The cousin of the hard working little mouse was the opposite. She stayed out late partying. The she slept half the day. When she woke up, she played video games. While she relaxed, she snacked on her beans and nuts. Soon she ran out of food. She realized she would not have anything to last her through the winter.

3 The lazy mouse went to her hardworking cousin. “Can I have some of your food to help me get through the winter?” she asked.

4 "Why don't you have any food," the hardworking mouse asked.

5 "I've been too busy partying and playing video games," the lazy mouse said.

6 "Well, I don’t see why I should help you,” said the hardworking mouse. "You are going to have to face the consequences for your actions."

7 "Can't you just help me out a little?" pleaded the lazy mouse.

8 "Here's a basket," said the hardworking mouse. "Winter is a few days away. Stop being lazy. Gather some food."

9 While the lazy mouse was out gathering food, she came across a grasshopper singing in the field.

10 "Hey mouse," said the grasshopper. "Don’t waste your time gathering food! Come talk with me!”

11 "I only have a few days to collect food," said the lazy mouse. "You should be gathering some too."

12 "Oh please," said the grasshopper. "I have plenty of food. I’d rather have fun."

13 The lazy mouse said goodbye to the grasshopper. She continued to gather her own food.

14 A few weeks later, the lazy mouse stepped out of her house. She was on her way to visit some friends. On the way, she met the grasshopper. He looked weak and hungry.

15 "Bet you wish you had gathered some food now," said the lazy mouse. Then she went on her way. She was glad her cousin had helped her before she made the same mistake.
The best title for this text would be
  1. The Value of Hard Work.
  2. Gathering Food.
  3. Two Mice.
  4. A Lazy Mouse.
Which paragraph BEST shows the character of the lazy mouse?
  1. Paragraph 1
  2. Paragraph 2
  3. Paragraph 3
  4. Paragraph 4
Which paragraph BEST shows how the lazy mouse has changed?
  1. Paragraph 11
  2. Paragraph 12
  3. Paragraph 13
  4. Paragraph 14
Write a short summary of the story.

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