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Cayden's Rock Collection - Fiction (Grade 3)

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Cayden's Rock Collection - Fiction

Cayden cried with heartbreaking sobs. Those who heard him thought that the world must be ending. To a seven-year-old, the loss of his newly acquired rock collection was the end of the world.

Cayden had spent his time at the lake looking for rocks. He waded in the water and dug the rocks out of the sand. The determined boy explored the beach and around the trees for hidden rocks. He spelled his name out of the rocks in big letters next to his beach towel. The seven-year-old was proud of his mostly brown rocks.

When it was time to leave, his mom told him to pick a few to bring home. Cayden protested, "Mom, I have to bring them all home! It's my collection. I need all of them to spell my name."

"We have rocks at home, Buddy. You can use those rocks to spell your name," Mom coaxed.

"I want these rocks. I found them. They're mine." Cayden argued.

"You may only take 10 of them. Now choose the ones you want the most." Mom laid down the law.

"No, I can't choose! I want them all." Cayden stubbornly defied the law.

"That is it! I will choose for you. The rest are staying here." Mom enforced the law.

He could not contain his emotions; they burst out of him like a hurricane. His wails bent the trees. His tears soaked the ground. Mom was a solid wall, unaffected. She placed 10 of the rocks in a bag, lifted her son into the car, and calmly drove towards home. When the hurricane subsided, she looked into the rear-view mirror and saw an exhausted, sleeping boy.
The author says "Mom laid down the law" to...
  1. explain that Cayden behaves like a criminal.
  2. equate governmental law to childish behavior
  3. convey a common image of parents' rules.
  4. show that Cayden's mom is a police officer.
Whose point of view does the selection show? (May be more than one correct answer)
  1. The narrator's
  2. Cayden's
  3. Cayden's Mom's
  4. The rock's
How would this story be different if it was told in first person from Cayden's point of view?

How might this story be different if it were told in first person from Cayden's Mom's point of view?

Because the story is written in third person, you can...
  1. See both sides of the disagreement
  2. See how Cayden was acting
  3. See how others responded to Cayden's frustration
  4. See that Cayden fell asleep

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