Spring Break - Fiction (Grade 8)

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Spring Break - Fiction

"What are you doing for spring break?" I asked Julian as we sat down in the cafeteria. "I am guessing you and your family are going to Florida like usual-staying on the beach in a fancy hotel and soaking up the sunshine for two weeks."

Julian paused and then shook his head slowly. "Our family is trying something entirely different this year, Michael," he finally said. "We are still going to Florida and staying on the beach, but this time we are foregoing the hotel room and instead, we are staying in tents. Personally, I have my doubts on whether or not we are going to enjoy this vacation."

"Julian, for the very first time, I am actually incredibly jealous of you," I admitted. "I have always loved camping and being near enough to the ocean to actually hear the crash of the waves and the call of the seagulls would be amazing. Camping gets you so much closer to nature, including its beautiful sunshine, and fresh ocean breezes! You will get the best night’s sleep in the world."

"It also gets you much closer to annoying insects, smelly seaweed, and gritty sand that manages to go everywhere and much further away from hot showers, room service, and king sized beds," replied Julian.

"I have the perfect solution then. How about you stay home over spring break and help my parents clean out the garage, and I will accompany your family to the Florida campground?" Julian could not help smiling and I knew that now he might appreciate his camping opportunity just a little bit more than he had before.
What factor did Julian not like about camping?
  1. Going to Florida
  2. Being near the ocean
  3. Missing room service
  4. Hearing the seagulls
What is the major difference between staying in a hotel and camping?
  1. Camping is closer to the outdoors.
  2. Camping is too far from the ocean front.
  3. Camping is much more expensive then hotels.
  4. Camping is not a traditional way to go on vacation.
What convinces Julian that camping might be more fun than he thought?
  1. The idea of a good night's sleep.
  2. Michael's offer to trade places.
  3. The possibility of room service.
  4. Michael's description of the beach.

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